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5/16/2013 5:29:59 AM

In ancient times, City of Rome was built at the gate to seven hills, thus    making the name famous. Las Vegas also has a place comparable with City of Rome, and it is called Seven Hills.

The community is composed of 2,500 families, and houses there are built in Mediterranean style.  There are four parks that have tennis courts, basketball court, and picnic areas. It also has walking trails, bicycle trials and playgrounds for children.

Seven Hills is adjacent to Anthem but it is closer to the Strip. There are two routes that can reach Seven Hills: one is to take St. Rose Parkway and then turn into Seven Hills Rd; another is to take 215 and turn south on Eastern Ave, then turn to Grand Hill to enter the community.

Right in the center of the community is Reo Secco Golf Course, around which there are 200 lots for luxury houses, most of them have views of the Strip. Prices range from $800,000 to six millions. E-Bay’s founder Pierre Omidyan and boxing great Mike Tason (Tyson) have established residences there.

Currently there are 48 properties on the market at that community, of which 5 are under $250,000, 27 are from $250,000 to $700,000, and 10 are over $700,000.

The asking price for the most expensive house is six million. It has four bedrooms, 13 bathrooms and a 14 car garage. The house itself has 14,693 sq. ft. and was built in 2002. The seller bought the house in 2006 at 5.7 millions, and has outstanding loan of $400,000. The house has a two story high fireplace, and all the stone are imported. The seller collects antique cars, so he has a 14 car garage. It has a wine cellar as well. The size of the master bedroom is 25ft by 41ft and the decoration inside is mindboggling.  The second bedroom is 21 ft by 15 ft, and its decoration is just as fancy as the master bedroom.

The cheapest house in the community has the asking price of $159,900. It is one story, three bedrooms, two baths and a two car garage. The size is 1241 sq ft and was built in 2002.

There is a small airport near Seven Hills and that is where rich people land their private planes when they come to Vegas. Because they are all small planes, the noise level is not too bad.

South of Seven Hills there is a new development called Inspirada. It occupies 1,940 acres and it has a dense layout. It has many pedestrian walkways and its houses are more of traditional style.

Among many luxurious golf communities in Las Vegas, Seven Hills has its own unique quality. It provides beautiful environment for its residents, so it should be considered by anybody who intends to move here.