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Sun City Anthem is located in the southeast of Las Vegas and is part of City of Henderson. It is specifically built for silver-haired crowd. Del Web began building the community in 1998 and completed the project in 2008.

There are 7144 houses in that community, and more than 300 residents are ethnic Chinese. This is a retirement community, for people who have to be 55 and older. There are many restrictions by the HOA, where there are limits on the number days allowed for children to stay when visiting their parents.

 In the center of the community it has two 18-hole golf courses (Revere). The club house is 23,000 sq. ft. in size and it serves three meals a day.

Sun City Anthem has three recreation centers, the largest of which occupies an area of 77,000 sq ft. It has restaurants, bar, recreation rooms, lecture rooms and gym. Every time when guests go there to look around, they will see three or four tables of Chinese people playing mahjong. These tables are right in the center of a large hall, where one can see the Strip. The building itself is quite elegant as well.

The second recreation center is a building of 31,000 sq. ft. That building has a 300-seat theater. There are also banquet room, billiard room and exercise rooms. The third center is 20,000 sq. ft. building which is powered by solar energy. It has five tennis courts.

The Chinese there have formed an international cultural friendship club which frequently hosts social activities, including dance, banquets and performances.  Seniors certainly will not feel lonely there.

Houses in Sun City Anthem have 31 floor plans and two luxurious designs. Most of the houses have patios and many have three car garages which can accommodate golf carts. In that community, most houses are of one-story design and have two bedrooms, which are intended for one senior couple.  Under the strict rules of the HOA, small children and guests can only stay for a short time, so two bedrooms should be good enough.

Currently there are 62 properties on the market in Sun City Anthem, the most expensive one is asking 1.29 millions. It has 3,354 sq. ft., two bedrooms, three baths and a three car garage. It however has the kaitec pipe joints and is involved in a law suit.

The cheapest house there is asking $113,500. It is 1,142 sq. ft., has two bedrooms, two baths and a two car garage. Most Chinese buyers like three bedrooms, so in that category the lowest priced one is $269,000. It has three bedrooms, two baths and a two car garage, and it is 2,190 sq ft., a short sale, which owes bank $432,000.

Before the only way to go in and out of Sun City Anthem is through Eastern Ave, where one connects with highway 215. Now there is an alternative route that passes behind M Resort via Republic Rd.

Due to the increased Chinese population, along both sides of Eastern Ave there are more Chinese stores popping up, including a dim-sum place and a buffet. There is also talk about opening a Chinese supermarket. 

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