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Property Management Info

Efficient property management plays a major role to make real estate investments successful. Property management is more than just collecting rent checks. An experienced property manager finds, screens and selects good tenants in addition to dealing with complex Landlord / Tenant legal matters on behalf of its clients.
Nevada Real Estate Corp. (NREC) is a licensed, full-service real estate brokerage. We have served as a property manager for over 15 years and have built a strong network within the Las Vegas community. We have a reputation for professionalism and integrity.
NREC’s primary objective is to maximize your income and minimize your expenses.   We do this by quickly leasing out your property to ensure a high occupancy rate with qualified, pre-screened tenants. We bid out repair work to lower your maintenance expenses.
Our Landlord clients are able to view their pertinent Tenant information and property financial reports in real time via our company’s website www.LVhome.com. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to be able to respond to emergencies. Our dedicated staffs speak nine languages fluently (Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Laos, Vietnamese, Filipino, Taiwanese and English) to better understand and assist our Landlords and our Tenants.
Our property management services include:
1.      Professional Advice and Reports:
a.       House inspections before listing with picture-taking for reference
b.      Repairs, as necessary
c.       Rental market consulting including a CMA (Comparative Marketing Analysis) with a suggested listing price
2.      Marketing and Showing:
a.       Input listings into GLVAR (Multiple Listing Service for Greater Las Vegas) to expose properties to realtors
b.       Upload new listings onto popular rental websites and listing services, (e.g. www.Rentals.com,  www.Craigslist.com and the Review Journal newspaper)
c.        Provide Lease to Buy option or For Sale/For Lease combined packages
d.       Develop other marketing alternatives (e.g. signs and flyers)
       3.    Screen Prospect Tenants and Prepare Lease Contracts:
a.    Perform Tenant credit checking
b.    Verify Tenant rental histories
c.     Prepare lease contracts for signature 
       4.    Move-In Procedures:
              a.    Walk-thru inspections before move-in
              b.    Switch utility accounts to Tenants’ names
     5.     Collect Rents and Pay Bills
              a.    Collect Rents from Tenants by the 3rd day of each month
              b.    Pay bills (e.g. repairs and management fees)
     6.     Perform Bookkeeping and Transfer Rental Proceeds to Landlords
a.       View information on Tenants and financial reports for your properties in real time via our company’s website. www.LVhome.com        
b.      Transfer rental proceeds to Landlords’ bank accounts through banks’ ACH service
c.       Additional services per Landlords’ individual requests and suggestions
    7.      Comply with HOA Regulations and Conduct Periodic Inspections
              a.    Follow up with HOA violation notices in a timely manner and arrange
                      corrections with Tenants’ consent
              b.   NREC provides routine and periodic exterior property inspections
   8.       Lease Expiration or Eviction:
              - Renew or Extend Leases:    
a.       Notify Landlords and Tenants
b.      Negotiate terms of new leases
c.       Prepare new leases
-   Move-out:
a.       Walk-thru inspections after move-out
b.      Compare to move-in condition to determine security deposit refund
c.       Provide closing statements to Landlords
-    Evictions:
a.           Issue 5 day notices if rents are not received before the 3rd day of every month
b.          File evictions with Justice Court after 8 business days
c.           Arrange locksmiths with constable officer to lock out Tenants as necessary
Our competitive management fees are
1.      Initial Setup Fee: $250 if the new rental property starts without an existing Tenant
2.      Leasing Fee: $250 for the first month (paid only when the property begins generating rents)
3.      Management Fee: 8%, starting on the second month (first month management fee is waived)
4.      Actual Expenses with Receipts from Vendors:
a.         Optional Referral Fee: Paid to real estate agents who bring in Tenants, usually $250 for regular homes and $500 for high-end homes (strongly recommended)
b.         Advertising Fee: Other media (optional)

c.          Sign Fee: $25 if a free standing sign pole is used (optional)

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